House rules

We welcome you to our village home, Katie’s Abode, Hartola. We want you to have fun and enjoy your stay in our home. The norms and guest information are being provided to you to help make your stay with us comfortable and hassle-free.
1. Room service is not available. The meals are offered as per our pre-set menu, and are served in the common dining area as per the following timings:

Breakfast (8.30 to 10 am), Lunch (1 to 2.30 pm), Dinner (8 to 9.30 pm)

2. Loud music or noise in the guest room/open area is prohibited as a mark of consideration of other guests and the serenity of the village

3. In the absence of electricity, we will provide hot water in buckets.

4. Showers are provided in the bathrooms, but we request you to use the buckets as water is a scarce commodity in the mountains. So help us save water.

5. Our staff is sensitive to the needs of our guests so we do not require intercoms. Please call our caretaker Joshiji and he would be more than willing to serve you.

6. In our endeavour to provide an atmosphere where families can spend time together, we do not have TVs in the rooms. There is, however, a TV in the living room. Also, there are board games which the caretaker will be most happy to provide.

7. We would appreciate your taking permission before plucking fruits, vegetables and flowers.

8. We trust our staff completely, yet we would request you to take care of your belongings yourself. The management is not responsible for any loss of valuables.

9. We will not be able to offer any refunds on rents due to shortened stays or ruined expectations because of weather conditions or due to work and family emergencies or other commitments.

10. We do not accept credit cards/personal cheques for payments.

11. Room heaters are available for a nominal fee of Rs 250 per day for us to foot the electricity bill. For your own safety, turn off heaters at night before going to bed.

12. The fireplace in the sitting room will be operated by our caretaker to avoid accidents.

13. Most importantly, we request guests to minimise the use of plastic. Since Hartola doesn’t have a proper garbage disposal system, we request you to carry back the plastic waste of your stay and dispose it in the city which is better  equipped in proper disposal of plastic waste.

14. Our water purifier is serviced regularly, so we request you to use this water for drinking rather than buying packaged drinking water bottle.

15. We are  offering our home to guests to share the experience of a healthy and peaceful stay in the invigorating mountain air and we expect them to treat it as their home too. Before you leave, do make sure that you leave the house in the state that you found it in, with everything in its place, including any furniture that you may have moved around. Any damages or accidents should be reported to the caretaker.