Did I tell you these days I’m staying with my dad in the mountains of Uttarakhand? Well, it gets pretty chilly here, so my parents rightfully decided to buy the beautiful anti slip dog socks with rubber grippers on the bottom. But dad being dad, he ordered blindly and when the product arrived the socks didn’t fit my paws.

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Thanks to Amazon’s easy return policy, he got them returned and got the right size. In fact dad bought 4 pairs. Three for me and one for my friend, Astro.

Ideally I hate to wear anything on my paws (earlier, I had to chew on a shoe to deter my mom from forcing me to wear them before I go for my walks), but these socks are surprisingly great accessories. Not only do they keep my feet warm, they also keep them clean. So I don’t have to lick them clean anymore whenever no one is watching. The rubber grippers are a real boon. They help me get a better grip when I run on tiled floors. Also the elastic that keeps the sock firmly in place is of good quality – I can sense that from the smile on mom’s face when she sees me failing to take them off occasionally.

A word of caution to pet parents: Be sure of the size of the socks you want to buy.

Ok dad, I’m done! Can you please click the pics and upload them?


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