After a long stay in the mountains of Uttarakhand, I came down to the plains to spend some time with mom. Oh, it’s so hot here! Papa says that we would soon go back, but before that he had to replenish my dog food, treats, etc. because there are no pet shops in Hartola and I’m fed up of eating chicken and rice.



Also the toys in my toy basket were getting boring. Papa was browsing the Amazon app on his mobile as I laid on the bed just below the air conditioner, I could see from the corner of my eye that he was reading the specs and reviews of the Kong Wiggi Giraffe Dog Toy. He showed it to mom who seemed excited too.

I saw him placing the order along with other stuff. God, two days I must have run to the door endless times whenever the bell rang, but on the third day it arrived.

It was nicely wrapped in a brown cardboard box and inside it was – the yellow color giraffe. What I love about the toy is the rubber is soft and I can make it squeak with very little effort. The size of the toy is also good. I have named him Giffi and he now sleeps with me.

But of late baby Arya has been eying Giffi. The other day she took it and was not allowing me to play with it – can you imagine? Finally I had to hide it in another room when she was having dinner. That is another good thing about Giffi. Because the rubber is so soft and the toy is so light, although I have a small mouth, I can still carry it around.

Good purchase, Dad! You definitely deserve a kissy!


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