Hosts of Katie’s Abode, Hartola

Just like Howard Schultz, the erstwhile CEO of Starbucks had once said, ‘When you’re surrounded by people who share a passionate commitment around a common purpose, anything is possible,’ Katie’s Homestay too is the sum-result of my parents’ passion for travelling and their commitment to give me a better life.

After driving through most of the mountains and valleys across North and North-eastern India, they finally decided to settle down in Hartola, a small picturesque hamlet about 40 kilometers from Nainital.

Their plans to build the cottage and to shift here was hastened by me coming into their lives. But that’s a story for another day.

Mamma Deepa is a publishing professional and works in Noida. Her heart is in Hartola and she just looks for a chance to come here and whenever she misses me.

Papa Dhruv has dabbled in journalism and in the B@B industry and is a content development professional, but now he is the full-time host of the cottage.

I think I will have to tell my story too. After all, the cottage is named after me.

The original plan of my parents was to retire and then come to Hartola, build the cottage and shift. But in September 2016 when I came into their lives, the plan changed. Papa gave up his day job for freelancing to take care of me.

Meanwhile, my pawrents could see that I was not enjoying a bit living in the city and every time they brought me here, they could see my happiness as I ran around like Mowgli!

Putting in all their lives’ savings, they started building the cottage. Papa took a house on rent here and I started to stay with him, occasionally going back to the city or mama would come here to meet us.

On a shoe-string budget, the cottage finally took shape and was finally ready to move in within a year – thanks to the prayers of our friends, well-wishers and family.