Katie’s Abode, Hartola Holiday Packages

Summer Package (March to June) – Beat the Heat!
The kids’ exams are over and without doubt it is the untiring efforts of the parents that see to it that the kids had a good run in the exams. And it goes without saying that you deserve a break! Even the children need a break. Come pamper and rejuvenate yourself with an absolutely no-worries break. Let the kids have a run in our property and let them paint the scenery outside, read a book from our library, or try their hand in an outdoor game. Even spending their time in a game of carom is better than just watching TV or playing PUBG on the mobiles, agreed? While we keep them engaged, you laze around, catch up with some reading or just take a leisurely walk down the road. Here are our packages for the summer:
Monsoon Package (July to Sept) – Tea-Pakoda Festival!
The rains are here and the mountains have draped themselves with a coat of lush green – such a treat to soar eyes! Contrary to the usual perception that you can hardly enjoy a vacation during the rains, you can actually have more fun. Picture this: A great book in one hand, a cup of steaming tea in the other, and a plate of some hot pakodas on the side table. And what’s more! Choose from a dozen of different kinds of tea procured from various parts of the country – from Assam, to Darjeeling, to the Nilgiris, to Coorg, to Kangra.
Pre-winter Package (Oct. & Nov.) – Let the soul soak in some warm sunshine!
Soon the plains will be enveloped with a thick grey cover of smog and the next feast of the blue skies will only be in February. But here in the mountains there is a nip in the air, but basking the warm sun is such a luxury. Come soak in some sunshine and give your eyes to feast something on!
Winter Package (Dec. to Feb.) – A heart-warming experience!
The stage is set – the fireplace burning, sitting on the rocking chair beside it with soup in hand you are chatting with your family! The kids are enjoying the bonfire outside and the snacks just keep coming. Lucky enough you can even enjoy the snowfall without bumping into a whole horde of selfie-clicking tourists. Warm your heart and soul along with our unbeatable winter packages just for you.
Holiday with pets package – 356 days still not enough!
Allow yourself to fully relax without worrying about leaving your pet at home and enjoy the peace of mind of bringing them with you. So whether it’s fluffy or scruffy, our homestay welcome all creatures great and small to accompany their pawents on their trip. Aside from being a pet-friendly accommodation we can also recommend a great range of activities and attractions nearby that you are able to enjoy with your pets.

* You are requested to inform us about the diet of your pet beforehand.
* Our in-house mascot, Katie will be happy to share her dog food, treats, and biscuits to a certain limit!

Know your Plans:
  • EP: European Plan (Room only).
  • All plans are for 2 nights/3 days.
  • The price is for the entire property (maximum 10 people).