Padam - Family Room on Second Floor

Like the beautiful, strong and enduring padam tree and its flowers, this family room on the second floor has been named after it to provide an essence of strength, bond and love. On the verge of extinction, the padam is a unique gift to mankind. Today this sacred tree is being counted in the protected category of trees. Did you know that not only the flowers and leaves, but the bark of this tree too is beneficial to humans and used for colour and medicine. The specialty of this tree is that when the other trees are shedding their leaves in autumn, the padam turns green and is resplendent with its beautiful flowers. The room has been created specifically to ensure that a family can stay in the same room, reconnect and bond instead of being split up and being put up in different rooms. With spectacular views of the Himalayas and the green valley that can be enjoyed from the large glass windows, this 375 square feet room is a perfect setting to set aside all tensions and issues of city life and rediscover the joys of being part of a family. With three queen beds and a modern attached bathroom, the Padam room affords the kind of privacy that a family would want, tucked away on the highest level of Katie’s Abode.

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