Pet Rules at Katie’s Abode, Hartola

All well-behaved pets are welcome with their families. Two rooms – Ratti and Ashwagandha – on the ground floor are especially designed for guests to stay with their pets because they get the outdoors to themselves. There is no extra charge for a pet, but it is requested that guests let us know in advance if you are bringing your pet with you.

Although we’re okay with both dogs and cats staying in our home, we however get along with dogs better. Being crazy dog lovers we are not very big on rules at our bed and breakfast (B&B), but we do insist on a few sensible ‘Doggie Rules’ that are to be followed strictly to ensure you and our other guests have a comfortable stay. After all, what’s fun without a few rules!

So here are some pawinters pet pawrents need to bear in mind:

  • Maximum one pet is allowed per room. The second pet can of course stay too, but a minimal price of Rs 600 will be charged. Hope you will understand that we and our caretake have to go the extra mile to keep the property spic and span and this charge is just for that.
  • As the name of our homestay suggests, our pet, Katie, stays here along with us. She is very sweet and gentle, so if your pet is aggressive, probably best not to let off her/his leash.
  • If they chew it, break it – it’s yours. Funny though, you get a bill with it too!
  • Please don’t allow pets on your bed and furniture. Instead carry her/his bed along. If you didn’t, let us know. We will provide you one without any charges.
  • We hate to see a pet locked in the room in such a beautiful place. So it is strictly forbidden to leave your pet in the room or car unattended if you go out.
  • If well behaved, pets will be allowed in the dining area and sitting room during meals. However, if there are other guests then unless they are comfortable, you will leave your pet in your room. If you are the only guests staying we are happy to waive this rule and you are welcome to play with Katie too.
  • You will need to dry and wipe off muddy paws before taking them into the bedroom. Ensure that your pet is sufficiently dry before she/he enters the room after a walk. If muddy, request the caretaker to arrange for warm water outside to wash off the mud.
  • Carry towels for your pets. Use of human towels is strictly prohibited and if found doing so, bath linens will be charged on their actuals. The nearest drycleaner is 53 km away!
  • Since there may be other local dogs in the area, if your dog is aggressive, ensure you keep her/him on a leash for her/his own safety. Otherwise you are free to let your pet off the leash and encourage her/him to explore the surroundings.
  • Hartola is a village of farmers. So please respect their hard work and don’t let your pet go into any farmed area.
  • Please let us know beforehand about your pet’s food requirements.
  • We understand that even well-trained pets can sometimes have embarrassing accidents. In such a case, it is the responsibility of pawents to clean-up the remnants of the accident. There are doggy bags, paper towels, and disinfectants available in the property.
  • Even though we let every guest know that we have dogs in other rooms, please be aware that not everyone is comfortable around pets particularly around dogs. So pawents are requested that you don’t let your pet approach any other guests unless they encourage it.
  • Last but not the least, do carry some general medicines for your pet with you as the nearest vet is at least 10-12 km away.