When someone asks me how I feel going to our home in the mountains, I always say Coldplay’s song, Adventure of a Lifetime is the best way to express my feelings! Every single time my soul goes:

“It’s like now I feel my heart beating

I feel my heart underneath my skin

and I feel my heart beating

oh you make me feel

like I’m alive again

alive again

oh you make me feel

like I’m alive again…”

And why won’t I go crazy at the sight of the mountains! They are beautiful, and have always been a source of awe and beauty. I don’t have the words to capture how much I admire them and Coldplay’s song, Adventure of a Lifetime helps put into words how much exhilarating it is to look at the mountains of Hartola, and especially our home, Katie’s Abode, Hartola.

Even how much we enjoy them as a powerful metaphor for hard work, exploration, and victory in literature, art, and music, Oh! They still make me feel alive again!

Here’s the beautiful song (Coldplay – Adventure Of A Lifetime):

True right? And here are some images of our home to set your heart beating:


  1. I couldn’t agree more with this sentiment. There’s something truly magical about finding a place that feels like home and brings joy to your heart every time you visit. Katie’s Abode in Hartola sounds like the perfect escape, and the fact that it’s pet-friendly only adds to its appeal. Pair that with the upbeat and infectious tune of Coldplay’s Adventure of a Lifetime, and you’ve got a recipe for an unforgettable experience. I can’t wait to plan my own visit to this lovely homestay in Uttarakhand.


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