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Taking care of your pet during COVID-19 lockdown

Pets and COVID 19


For hoomans these are trying times. The roads are empty, mom is always home and I haven’t met my friends, Astro and Arya for more than a month! Plus my walks are getting shorter and I’m being encouraged to relieve myself in the litter box placed in the balcony. Hmmph…first they trained me go down and do it, now they want me do it at home!

Also, both mom and dad keep washing their hands at regular intervals and wearing some funny thing covering their snouts when they take me out. Have they gone crazy?!

But then recently when I was watching TV, I came to know about some bad, bad virus which is making all hoomankind very, very sick.

But some days back in New York two meows and a big stripped meow in a zoo also got this bad bad disease. Since then, my pawents have gone into more frantic cleaning mode.

So let me tell you all bout the steps taken by my pawents and as advised by my Vet Aunty, here’s what you should do to ensure that both you and your hoomans are safe during the Coronavirus pandemic:

1. If you have long fur, your hoomans should give you a trimming. That way it’s easier to clean. Plus with the onset of the summer,  it will be comfortable for you.

2. Your hoomans should limit your walks outside. If you are staying in an apartment and have a big balcony, then do your business in a litter box. By going out occasionally, you will also increase the risk of contracting the bad virus.

3. Strictly follow a diet regime. Don’t beg your hooman for snacks all the time and don’t ask for hooman food. If you fall sick in the lockdown, when vets are not operating their clinics, you’ll be in big trouble!

4. Play at least for an hour with your hooman. Exercising is of utmost importance at a time when walks are getting shorter. Your hooman could make it interesting by inventing obstacle courses by placing books, etc.

5. THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT: Once you come in from outside, make sure your hooman cleans you immediately. Here’s the best way for your hooman to clean you. In a bucket, your hooman should mix 20 percent Betadine solution with water and wash your paws, tail and ears (if you’re a cocker like me) thoroughly using a soft brush. Your hooman should also clean underneath your neck as that portion comes in contact with grass, shrubs, etc. Your snout should be cleaned with clean water. You should be patted dry with a clean towel after that. After cleaning you, make sure your hooman washes his hands thoroughly with soap.

So stay safe and hope your hoomans don’t forget to feed the strays in your neighbourhood!

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