Things we are doing to ensure your safety from coronavirus at Katie’s Abode, Hartola

These are testing times for everyone. With the second wave of coronavirus in the country turning out to be even more fatal, we have – as we were since the beginning of the pandemic last year – ensured that guests coming to our home are safe and that they needn’t worry about their health.

Since we started operating our homestay at the ebb of last year’s COVID-19 pandemic, we are used to requirements.

Hartola, which is a small hamlet in the mountains, till now haven’t recorded a single case of coronavirus and we want to keep it that way. So here are some of our many initiatives we are currently taking:

We continuously update our booking requirements based on the state government’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). E.g. as of now we don’t entertain guest check-ins without a COVID-19 negative report.

Secondly, we are operating on 50 percent occupancy unless guests are from the same family.

Third, we are not taking two different sets of guests at a particular period. Which means, we are taking four people in two rooms if they are a single family, but not taking bookings for the second room if one room is already occupied.

Fourth, we are putting in more effort on cleaning of surfaces that one comes in contact with regularly with disinfectants.

Fifth, sanitizers have been placed in various locations in the homestay for guests to frequently disinfect their hands.

Finally, if you feel more comfortable washing your hands on a regular basis, handwash/soaps are being kept in the bathrooms. Ask our caretaker whenever you exhaust your daily quota.

Having said that, it is the responsibility of guests to ensure that they play their part in ensuring that they are not carriers of COVID-19. One must understand that medical facilities in the mountains, unlike in the plains, is a luxury one can’t afford in the mountains because hospitals are far away. So if you have the slightest of symptoms associated with coronavirus, please (PLEASE) postpone your trip.

Also adhere to the government rules and guidelines to the dot. A little effort from guests can enhance the results of the initiatives we are taking to guarantee not only your safety, but also that of staff and the guests that will be checking-in after you.

So stay safe, healthy and well protected. See you in our homestay.

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