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Thinking of a Vacation with your Pet? Here’s the Cost of Carrying a Pet in a Domestic Flight in India

Taking vacation with your pet

From our earlier article on How to take a pet along with you on a domestic flight, you are perhaps now aware that only 3 Indian airlines will accept pets to be carried within the boundaries of India whether in the cabin, as checked-in baggage, or as cargo. Well, that’s settled then!

Now, how much will it cost to take your pet along in a domestic flight in India? Here’s the calculation:

Air India: In case you choose Air India, the pet along with its crate or bag, will be weighed and will be charged Rs 250 for each kilo. For instance, if your pet is 5 kgs, the cost of taking her/ him in the flight will be Rs 250 x 5kgs = Rs. 1250

Jet Airways: In Jet Airways, whether you are carrying your pet in the cabin or as checked-in luggage, as long as your pet doesn’t exceed 32kgs in weight, you will be charged a flat rate of Rs 5000.

Spicejet: The airlines doesn’t carry live animals in the passenger cabin. Which means pets are permitted as freight in the pressurized and temperature controlled area of the aircraft hold. As for the rates, cargo rates based on the weight of the pet will be charged.

If you have decided to take your vacation along with your pet and you intend to fly, and you ask us our opinion, I would say taking Air India is a better option. This assumption is based on our recent experience. It will be much cheaper if your pet is not heavy and small. Our Katie, an English Cocker Spaniel of 3 months weighed about 7 kgs along with her crate and she had a great time going in the passenger cabin the Air India flights from Delhi to Guwahati and back.

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