What is Hartola famous for?

Invariably every inquiry we get this query will always follow after the initial questions with regard to distance and altitude vis-a-vis Delhi NCR.

I think this post will help you to take informed decision before booking our Airbnb in Hartola which is a quaint hamlet about 350 kms from Delhi and perched at an altitude of 8,345 feet above sea level.

So here goes the answer to the question on what is Hartola famous for?

Fruit orchards of Katie's Abode Hartola homestay

Fruit orchards of Katie’s Abode Hartola homestay

First and foremost, Hartola is famous for its fruit orchards. The entire village is dotted with trees of peaches, apricots, plums, pears and apples. There are several varities of these fruits available in Hartola. Of late farmers have also started farming kiwis and strawberry. The varities of these fruits are also good.

The Nanda Devi range of the Himalayas from Katie's Abode Hartola homestay

The view of the Nanda Devi range of the Himalayas from Katie’s Abode Hartola homestay

Secondly, Hartola is famous for the breathtaking views of the Nanda Devi range of the Himalayas. Hartola offers it’s guests more than 120 days of perfect viewing of these snow-capped peaks.

Thirdly, our homestay is situated is a village which is an ornithologist’s paradise. Once can see numerous birds of different sizes and hues on the trees of Hartola.

Snowfall at Katie's Abode Hartola homestay

Snowfall at Katie’s Abode Hartola homestay

Fourthly, Hartola is famous for its climate that can even make even the best of hill stations in India envious. Even in the peak summer its temperature doesn’t go above 21°C, all the while it captivates winter revelers with a blanket of snowy splendour.

Surroundings of Katie's Abode Hartola homestay

Surroundings of Katie’s Abode Hartola homestay

Last but not the list, the surroundings of our homestay near Mukteshwar is famous for its clean atmosphere. With very little traffic, the pollution level is almost nil and one can take long walks on the village road without having to inhale the diesel/petrol fumes.

I hope this answers your query why our small village in Uttarakhand is famous for and also why it is worth visiting.

Hope to see you soon.


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