Daily Tidings

Saturday was Pawty time!

Saturday was really hectic. I had a lunch invitation and in the evening a get-together of some of mom’s colleague-friends. Both the meals were in Gurugram, which is quite far from our house. Nevertheless, after my hoomans finished all the chores (did I tell you our cleaning lady has been absconding for the last few days? So mom has taken over.) we hit the road late afternoon and reached Coco’s house at about 3.30pm. They were eagerly waiting for us, so after a quick spurt of greeting, sniffing around, we sat for lunch.

I always love to go to Coco’s house despite his more-than-little excited demeanor and incessant butt sniffing. Well, boys will be boys! But poor fellow at the end he is invariably confined to a room till he cools off. I take full advantage of this to use my spaniel eyes to get all the love and affection from uncle and aunty, and from Shona didi too.

After a brief post-lunch nap, we were at Jyoti aunty’s house for dinner.  It was a theme party. One had to wear black and white. Well, I didn’t need to make a effort, if you know what I mean! Also everyone had to read a couple of paragraphs from their favourite book.

Everybody was having a nice time and also loved my presence,except for Kaushik uncle who is not too fond of pooches. So I made sure I curled up around his feet a couple of times just to see his expression.

Mom read a chapter from dad’s yet-to-be-complete novel, while dad recited a poem from his own self-published book of poems. Frankly, by then it was past my bed time and all that was in my mind was to find a snug corner to sleep.

It was a continental dinner, I’m told and the food was lovely. I can vouch for the chicken, which papa fed me – it was delicious!

I think we left aunty’s house at about midnight only to get stuck on the highway near the airport for a good hour and half. I tried to sleep in the car but it’s very difficult with all the honking and sudden braking. We reached home at about 2 am, Imagine!!

Well, come what may, tomorrow, I’m not getting out of bed. I hope papa doesn’t get up early and pester me with: “Katie come, have your breakfast.” I’m not definitely leaving the bed till sunset.

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