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Google gets a new home

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Google!

After the sad demise of Muffin, who was ill for some time (God rest his soul in peace), Jyoti aunty had to fill the void created by his absence. So she decided to adopt Google, a 3-year old Labrador. Color: same as mine; black!

I was really saddened when I heard Google was given away by two families. But I’m happy that her forever family members are kind-hearted and her life will be filled with love and joy.

That’s me being given a bath!

I was at my vet’s clinic for my bath and annual vaccines when I got the news that Google was on her way to her new home. Aunty shared some pics of her journey to her new home. I hope to see Google soon. I already get the feeling that we will be good friends just like mom and aunty.

Moreover I need to ask her a question that has been in my mind for long: “Is it OK to do something naughty and thereafter get away with it by showing your heart-melting Spaniel eyes to your hoomans when you are caught?”

She’s Google, she will definitely have the answer!

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