Daily Tidings

Oh! I love the mountains!

Just like my mom, I love the mountains. The deep blue sky, lush green everywhere, hardly any vehicles plying, and air so fresh – I wish I could stay there for ever and ever. Alas, but mom and dad need to stay in the city. They say if they don’t work hard, they will not be able to bring home those delicious treats and most importantly it seems I will be stuck with the same wardrobe – ouch the horrors!

Better to suck up to the incessant noise from the nearby apartment and the pollution in the city till mom, dad are ready to pack their bags for good and settle in the mountains.

BTW, we had just come last month from this lovely place called Hartola near Nainital, which will be our forever home till kingdom comes. It was cold there, but in the sun it was nice and toasty. Imagine rolling on the dry warm grass with the least care of the world. Seems a dream to you? This pics will make you believe that paradise do exist on earth and that I have been there…enjoy!!  

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