Daily Tidings

Damn! I need to work out a little!

Yesterday evening papa checked my weight and it seemed I had gained a couple of kilos. I could see I was putting on some weight around my waist, so I decided to go on a workout regime from the next day. So today after my stroll outside, when I was sitting with mama in the park, I suddenly realized that the elevator was the real culprit.

So although mama called the elevator I decided to take the stairs. But trust me the stairs are definitely not doggy-friendly. And to make things worse, mama made such a scene because I disappeared without telling her. I could faintly hear her calling my name, but yours truly had made up her mind to climb the stairs to the 10th floor. However after a couple of flights, I was out of breath and the elevator button was out of my reach. As I circled around the 3rd floor landing to get my wits back, I saw mama climbing the stairs huffing and puffing. It was such a funny sight. I tell you she needs more exercise than me.

She let out a volley of caustic remarks for making her climb the stairs and for almost giving her a heart attack because she thought she had lost me. I just ignored her scolding and was happy to see the elevator opening.

She came home and narrated the entire episode to papa although I preferred to ignore her theatrics and took my place underneath the AC. God, sometimes mama can be a real drama queen!

However I felt bad too that I took off without warning her. Seems like that was the last time I will exercise. I think I will take to dieting instead starting today.

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