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Pawty time – it’s my third Bawthday!

Hello everydoggy, it was my third bawthday yesterday and I had a great time! Papa has been trying his hand in different cakes which all the pooches can eat and finally we decided on the meat-lovers cake. Last year we were in the mountains and the cake was little short of a disaster, so this year papa was not taking any chances.

Under my watchful eyes and occasional tasting, the cake was baked and left to cool. While papa was working on the cake for me and my furry friends, mama made arrangements for the return gifts, decorations and bawthday caps. Also the menu for the hoomans was decided – it was green salad, chicken biryani, raita and mutton curry.

In the evening Asto and his little brat sister, Arya came with their pawents. Their uncle had also come! They brought gifts for me which I love very much!

After we devoured on the treats and biscuits while the hoomans spent time with beer, juice and snacks, it was time to cut the cake followed by dinner.  The pawty went on to the middle of the night and we sniffed and played around till we fell asleep.

All-in-all it was a lovely pawty, thanks to papa and mama. Can’t wait for the next bawthday! Hope next year Coco, Google, Dexter, Chester and Bella can join us too. BTW, papa also cooked the mutton, which the hoomans loved very much. In my next post I will ask papa to share both the recipes of the cake and mutton curry.

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