Health first – Why the vacation can wait!

Request from Katie's Abode, Hartola to stay indoors during lock-down

With the Indian government announcing a total lockdown (and rightly so) across the country to counter the spread of Coronavirus and check the pandemic from going to the third stage, all state borders and in many states even district borders have been sealed for general public.

I know this happened at a time when you were hoping to blow out some steam and let your hair down in a mountain cottage, now that the kids’ exams are over!

But then the current situation arising out of the COVID-19 outbreak is much more dangerous and requires total social distancing.

While we at Katie’s Abode, Hartola would have loved to host you in our cottage, we however strongly recommend that you realise the gravity of the situation and stay indoors. Go out of your house only when it’s absolutely necessary and wash your hands after every 15-20 minutes with soap and water. Hope you have kept that alcohol-based hand sanitiser handy too!

Also don’t forget to take care of the stray dogs near your locality. Even sharing the leftover food which would have otherwise gone to the dustbin, would be a great way to help them survive during these testing times.

As for your vacation, take these 21 days as a holiday. Take out that novel, dust the cobwebs and enjoy it; get hold of a board game and play with your family; teach those ingenious games we used to play before the era of television to your kids; or if you love watching television. like me. binge on the some brilliant web-series. I’m currently watching the Special Ops on Hotstar (what a series!!).

BTW, try out some recipes. Once the lock-down is lifted and the Coronavirus is no longer a threat to anyone, you can try the best recipe at Katie’s Abode, Hartola and we will share the recipe on our Wall of Taste.

Till then, be patient, stay safe and most importantly, stay indoors for your own good and for the good of your loved ones and countrymen.

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