Why we consider ourselves to be good homestay hosts

I think I should tell you why we consider ourselves  good hosts and why staying at Katie’s Abode, Hartola with us means that we will take good care of you and your family. There are perhaps two kinds of people in this world – one  who love to be served and the other who love to serve. We belong to the latter category. In fact, almost always, at gatherings of either relatives or friends, we end up helping in the kitchen or  serving  other guests whom we may have just met. It just comes naturally to us, as our friends will undoubtedly confirm.

Plus, I’m particularly very finicky. There have been instances during our many travels when we stayed at budget hotels which may have had a large enough staff, but were still ill-managed. I remember one instance in particular when the paint had peeled off on one of the walls of our room and the cables of the television set were hanging. It irritated me so much that I moved the two chairs and a coffee table myself from the other side of the bed and put them against the wall to cover up the peeled off paint! The hanging cables just required a little push behind the television. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

While Katie’s Abode is not a luxurious place, we have made every effort to make it cosy and comfortable for our guests. We believe we have done up the place tastefully and lovingly, which reflects the warmth of its hosts and sends out welcoming vibes. We would love to share our home with you and enjoy the simple rustic pleasures that it has on offer.

We promise as hosts, to take good care of you at our homestay. It is your home too! So we would expect you to do your bit too. After all, we are not a hotel, so sadly we don’t have a service bell.

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