First come first served – Our homemade buransh squash is ready

Living in a slightly remote area like Hartola, it is extremely important to make use of the local resources which are readily available but you got to get out and get them. And we have decided to take our first baby step towards that direction.

Boiling the petals of the Buransh flower

You must have noticed that whenever and wherever you travel in Uttarakhand, you’re never far away from both the rhododendron tree or the squash made from the petals of its flower.

This tangy squash particularly stuck to my mind considering its distinctive taste and the local appeal behind this blood red colored juice.

So now that we are here, during one of our many walks, I collected the petals of buransh, which is locally called here. The objective being to serve our very own homemade buransh juice to our guests. After a volley of questions to our caretaker I was at it.

The proud juicer with his product

In a matter of over an hour and a couple of variations to taste my pallette, the red-hued squash was ready to be served.

Not knowing what the end result would be, the quantity I made is less this time, but the taste is as good as the ones I had during our stays in various places of Uttarakhand.

Hope I got the color right…what’s your feedback?

I think the recipe to the welcome drink for guests coming to Katie’s Abode, Hartola homestay is set now – a cool glass of healthy buransh squash.

We’re waiting for the verdict from a few who would be tasting the squash in a couple of days from now – fingers crossed!

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