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Places of interest near Hartola (Part 1) – Jageshwar Dham near Almora

I have been to several temples across India, but Jageshwar Dham near Almora is a different experience altogether. A UNESCO protected site, the temples are also referred to as Jageshwar Valley Temples and are a group of 125 ancient Hindu temples dated between 7th and 14th century.

In fact, as you approach the temples, suddenly the surroundings change and you are driving through thick green foliage of huge, majestic deodar trees. It emits such a serene feeling that you know instinctively that you are about to witness something spectacular.

Thankfully for us, there were hardly any devotees on the day we went, so it gave us the freedom to go to several temples and interact with the priests who were kind enough to answer all our queries about the origins of the temples and their significance.

Certain facts of a visit to Jageshwar Dham from Katie’s Abode, Hartola:

  • Distance: 80 kms
  • Driving time: About 3 hours
  • Road quality: Good
  • Restaurant/cafes: There are several restaurants and dhabas on both sides of the highway at regular intervals.

We considered ourselves extremely fortunate to have a quiet and undisturbed puja performed by the priest inside the main temple Inside the main temple. He went to lengths to explain the history of the temples and the patronage they received from the monarchy in the yesteryears.

Leaving you with some of the images we clicked there:

Believe me when I say this: No photographs justify the beauty and spiritual aura that surrounds this holy place. A visit to Jageshwar Dham if you are in Hartola is a must.

BTW, On your way back don’t forget to pick up some sweets from one of the many sweet shops dotting both sides of the road near Deoli or Lodhiya. We picked some bal mithai, singori, milk cake, and chocolate burfi from Dev Bhoomi Sweets and Restaurant in Lodhiya. They were certainly finger-licking good.



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