New Year, new changes to our homestay near Mukteshwar!

Well, A very Happy New Year to everyone. Since we started our homestay, we have been working on ways to make our guests’ experience in our home better and memorable.

Thanks to all the feedback our guests shared, we are happy at our progress.

Since our private annex on the ground floor was not ready we were using the Padam room, which is big family with huge glass windows offering amazing views of the Nanda Devi range. Thankfully, in late November we completed our private space, which we have christened as the Lea Annexe, after our late furry baby. It has two beautiful double rooms (designed singlehandedly by Deepa) and a spacious rustic living room. The iron spiral staircase connects us with the main building.

So with us permanently shifting out of the Padam room, we have done up the room with three double beds to host a bigger family/ group. The Padam room can now host six guests.

I was not happy with the colour of the accented walls of the Buransh room. Thankfully true to the colour of the buransh flower, we have repainted these walls.

Additionally, we used to have in place two single beds in this room, to hosts guests who are close to each other, but not comfortably sleeping together in one bed. So cheers to friends travelling together! No need to take two rooms now.

By the way, for the convenience of our guests who love to use the kitchen now and then, we have completely remodeled it. It is now more functional, and a pleasure to work in.

Meanwhile the skies have opened up in a couple of places. The kitchen is now bright and the dining area even brighter with their sky-lights. So reading a book on the sofa near the dining table is a pleasure now.

Let’s go out now! We have a sitting area as come up. Unluckily though because of the lack of rains and snow this year, the grass hasn’t come up. But eventually it will be a grassy patch to walk on naked feet.

Meanwhile the ground floor sitting areas are looking great after the tiling. So lot of outdoor spaces to sit and gossip.

And did I tell you, we have started planting new fruit trees. A couple of years hence you will be able to taste some juicy plum, apricots and peaches in this homestay near Mukteshwar, which we fondly call Katie’s Abode, Hartola.

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