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Joy to the world! The weekend is here

So it was a pawfect week. I played in the park, ate without a fuss (well, almost), threw tantrums a couple of times to get my pawents’ attention, but surprisingly slept a little more than usual. I think it’s that time of the year when mom insists on me wearing the sweater and the grass is wet in the morning. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the winter is here!

Although I love the chill better than those hot days, leaving the warmth of the space on the quilt between mom-dad is sooooo very difficult. I hate to see mom dragging herself out of bed every morning just to take me for my morning business – it is heart wrenching.

But tomorrow is Saturday, so we will sleep a little longer (paws crossed!!). Papa has this sadistic habit of getting up very early in the weekends and then he pokes and nudges both mom and I to get up have bed-tea or treats.

Feel bad too to give papa the royal ignore despite that he takes the pains to arrange my snacks plate with small freshly cut cubes of carrots, some milk and a couple of biscuits. Mom too after a few harmless curses takes her head out of the blanket to sip the warm strong cuppa papa makes.

Nevertheless, I can’t but pray for a long weekend, and more still, longer nights:

“O’Lord, give some sleep to papa till or beyond nine,
So I and mom too can lie in the pose most divine.
Make all the noise of the world go mute,
So all I hear is the music of nothing but solitude.
O’Lord, make the weekend last for ever,
So mom never needs to rush or lose sleep ever,
And I with paws joined will pray to you forever!”

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