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An Appeal of a Cocker Spaniel to be Kind to Stray Dogs

Yessturday I heard my pawents discussin bout how a stweet fur friend was bwutally beaten in a Mumbai residwentul compwex. His mistake: he tooks shwelter in a building doo to heavy wains 😱. Me wants to know: who are the animals now?

I feels pwains to hear bout such incidwents, which is awmost regular these dways. I really feels sorry for my brothers and sisters on the streets altho time and again they shows examples of being better animals than many hoomans.

Ewery day when I go for my walks with mama, I feels sad to see them livin in constant fear of being attacked for no fault of theirs. I have seen people trying to wun dem down with their speeding cars. Even in my twenth floor apartment in the middle of the night I wakes up to the painful squealin of stray dogs being hit by hoomans from time to time.

And because they are been abused so awften, they starts chasing cars and growls at nyone who goes nearby. But the recent incidwent makes me think: i aways gets pats and wuv from hoomans. So why some of they becomes so cwuel that dey hits and kills my mute fwriends? If my mama or papa doesnt be with me, will theys beat me too?!

Me appeals to all hoomans: If you don’t wuve dogs so be it. But that don’t mean you shud start hittin them with iron rods! Pwease be kind to the strays, because they have a greater wesponsiblity towards society than many hoomans. And if they are creating nuisance alert the local civic body.

Hope the poor fellow comes out of coma soon and still loves hoomans even more. Me prayin for his quick wecovery.

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