We got our first delivery today from Amazon at Hartola

Today was an exciting day for sure! We got our first delivery from Amazon! All this time we were not sure whether the ecommerce sites would deliver at Hartola. But thanks to our caretaker who informed us that Amazon had in fact delivered stuff for a couple who were staying in our homestay for over a month.

The momentous occasion

Excited I thought of trying something small, but that was required – it was a washing machine tap adapter. I needed this to install the washing machine and going to Haldwani about 60 kms away was holding me back.

I placed the order on 1st May. For some days there was no update in the tracking status, and on 6th May I get an SMS that my Amazon package has reached the Post Office in Rudrapur. Came to know later that with non-existent private courier service in the area, the later part of the journey was in the hands of Indian postal services – frankly my heart sank.

The lone ranger of our Hartola Post Office

However, exactly six days later today (May 12th) I get a call from our Hartola Post Office that I have a package. Exhilarated, I immediately threw on some clothes and took Deepa along to take a few clicks to capture the momentous occasion. The kind lone postmaster delivered the package and we are now back home feeling as if we have won a battle.

Later on when we were discussing our experience with our fellow Hartola-ians, we came to know that we were not the sole beneficiaries of Amazon in general and the Indian postal service especially, in Hartola. Nevertheless the excitement of getting our first package delivered here was certainly palpable.

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